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Top LogisticsTI Blog Posts for Third Quarter 2017

The months of July, August and September seem like a blur. A number of client engagements took precedent over blog writing and Logistics Trends & Insights celebrated its second birthday in August. It was a great quarter but I looked back and re-read our blog post on the top posts for second quarter and realized we didn’t meet our goal of introducing the new APAC Forwarding Index. Sigh. It’s still in the works and will hopefully be launched this month.

We’ll fill you in later on how we arrived where we did with the index when we introduce it. Suffice it to say that originally, surveys were going to play a big role along with some other economic data points. Now, however, we’ve discovered that surveys can be painful in terms of time and quality of response. But, we plan to keep the surveys open for commentary only and focus on the key economic and trade data to build the index instead. Lesson learned.

So, moving on, our top five blog posts of the third quarter are:

  1. APAC Volumes Expected to Ease in the Coming Months – Well, not surprising, as one passes peak season some volume does indeed decline while other volumes for some modes such as air and truck increase. However, we’re still seeing some good overall volume continue. Air remains hot while intra-regional moves remain strong. This was our last report based on a number of surveys and interviews that were conducted at the time.


  1. Fixing NAFTA – Based on US negotiation objectives, this blog post was very optimistic over the upcoming negotiations. Now that negotiations are underway, we remain optimistic but expect there will be changes to the original agreement. This is one of those stay-tunes….


  1. Supermarkets and Crowd-Sourced Delivery – A huge thanks to Ian Kerr of Postal Hub Podcast for this guest blog post. Ian discusses the growing use of crowd-sourced delivery from the likes of Coles, Carrefour, Walmart and Amazon.


  1. Mexico – The Race for E-Commerce Dominance Starts with Logistics – Like everywhere else, around the world, Mexico’s e-commerce market is growing. As such, the likes of Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart and UPS/MercadoLibre are working on expanding logistics networks to win the race for dominance. A huge thanks to The Loadstar for sharing this post with their readers.


And our most-read blog post for the quarter is…….

The Dark Side of Digitalization – The number of cyberattacks are growing. When we wrote this post, Maersk and FedEx’s TNT had just suffered from such an attack. We also surveyed folks asking if cybersecurity threats be prevented. We didn’t receive a lot of responses but the majority believed that cybersecurity threats can be prevented. So, after that, we asked a couple of fantastic experts in this field their thoughts. Check out the rest of the story…

That wraps up the top blog posts for third quarter. As we move into fourth quarter, we are blessed with a couple of big projects that are expected to finish up at the end of the year. We’re still hoping to get a research report out but we’ll see what comes our way in the meantime.

Thanks as always for reading our blog posts, chatting with us and joining us on social media. It’s fun to share and learn from each so let’s keep it going.

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