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Top LogisticsTI Blog Posts for Second Quarter 2017

Wow. Still catching my breath as we close out the second quarter. During the time period, we, in partnership with Mike King & Associates, introduced the APAC Freight Forwarding Index. In addition, the second annual Evolving Freight Forwarding white paper was published. We also attended a couple of great events – Automotive Logistics’ Supply Chain conference and Alibaba’s Gateway ’17 event. Finally, we wrapped up the quarter by testifying to the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission on China’s supply chain and e-commerce markets.

So, this quarter’s top blog posts focused not only on the APAC Forwarding Index and Freight Forwarding white paper but also on the changing automotive supply chain and Alibaba, Amazon and’s role within the supply chain. In addition we had two fantastic guest blog posts:

A Shipper’s ‘Buy-Only’ ERP vs LSP-Specific ‘Buy-Sell’ Solution – Naval Sabharwal, Global Head, Logistics & Supply Chain, Ramco Systems

Blockchain – Solving Interoperability in Freight Forwarding? – Anthony Sabbadini, CTO and founder of SCTracker

In descending order, in terms of clicks, shares and likes, the top 5 LogisticsTI blog posts for the quarter are……

The Dynamic APAC Forwarding Market – We introduced the APAC Freight Forwarding Index with this post. Still in the data collection phase, the Index will launch in third quarter and will measure month to month volumes as well as 3 month expectations for international air and ocean as well as intra-Asia air, ocean, road and rail.

Alibaba and JD – The Next Generation of Global Logistics Leaders? – China’s largest e-commerce providers have built out impressive domestic logistics networks. Now, they’re eyeing the global market and could possibly (along with Amazon), become the next generation’s global logistics leaders.

Amazon Logistics – Primed and Growing – Amazon Prime is the focus of Amazon Logistics, domestic and international. The company is building its supply chain ‘ecosystem’ to encompass the supplier, manufacturer, seller and to the final customer (Business or Consumer). A fascinating approach and one that has many providers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS worried.

The Changing Automotive Supply Chain – Technology companies and automotive manufacturers are teaming up to build autonomous, flying and electric vehicles. In other words, redefining the vehicle as we now know it. The supply chain is changing and changing fast.

The 2017 Evolving Freight Forwarding Market Infographic – How the freight forwarding market is changing is a popular topic and one we’ve noticed is being written on more, including similar surveys such as ours. This year’s survey results were not too surprising. However, the number of respondents that noted forwarders were no longer relevant increased this year. Certainly something to keep an eye on. Check out the infographic and request your free copy of the white paper by clicking on the title.

So, a lot is planned for this quarter. Whether we can complete all that is planned is another story. Our clients come first and they help pay the bills. One thing is for certain, the introduction of the official APAC Forwarding Index will be launched within the next couple of months. Stay tune.

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