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Top Blog Posts of 2017

I’m sitting here at my desk while trying to adjust to a new pair of glasses (btw it took a few extra days to get thanks to shipping delays, a trend this holiday season….) and reviewing 2017 results. The year certainly had its ups and downs but overall it was a good year. The APAC Forwarding Index and planned reports were temporarily shelved due to unexpected projects. However, for 2018, look for both to be completed and published.

A big thanks to all that have supported us by reading, sharing and commenting on our blog posts this year as well as joining us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

So….our top 5 blog posts of 2017 are particularly focused on Amazon and technological changes – See if you missed any.

The Changing Automotive Supply Chain – We wrote this after attending Automotive Logistics’ conference here in Atlanta. If you’ve never been to one of their conferences, make it a point to do so in 2018. Great content. Not too big and not too small with great networking opportunities. Presentation after presentation at the conference highlighted the importance of technology. As a result, as noted in the blog post, our cars are turning into a computer on four wheels.

The Focal Point of Amazon’s Logistics Network – Fulfillment by Amazon – In 2016, the number of active sellers using FBA grew more than 70% and the Amazon service delivered more than two billion units on behalf of sellers. Amazon sellers from more than 130 countries fulfilled orders to customers in 185 countries in 2016. This growth demands an efficient network to accomplish such a feat.

Blockchain – Solving Interoperability in Freight Forwarding? – This blog post was a contribution from Anthony Sabbadini, CTO and founder of SCTracker, a supply chain tracking technology business. Going into 2018, blockchain is perhaps THE #1 logistics topic and will likely remain so for quite a while.

A Logistics View of Amazon’s Q3/ 9 months 2017 Earnings – Logistics costs are playing a bigger role in Amazon’s earnings reports. Shipping and fulfillment costs remain high as the company continues to build out its network and increase the number of fulfillment facilities. Look for more on this topic in 2018.

And our #1 blog post of 2017….The 2017 Evolving Freight Forwarding Market Infographic – This was our second year of surveying folks and writing up the results in a white paper. Big thanks to Charlie Pesti of The Elite League and Yola O’Hara of Visually Explained for partnering with us on this project! Look for the third edition in 2018.


As usual, we’ve got lots planned for 2018. Thanks for sticking it out with us and stay tune……

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