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The 2017 Evolving Freight Forwarding Market Survey

For the second year, the Evolving Freight Forwarding Market is the theme of our upcoming white paper.

While last year we focused on overcapacity, plunging rates, mergers & acquisitions and declining global demand, this year we’re focusing more on value, digitization, pain points and differentiation.

In addition, many freight forwarders remain in a precarious position. New entrants are changing the dynamics of the market thanks to the likes of Amazon, Alibaba and online freight marketplaces. Are these entrants a threat or opportunity? With all the changes occurring in the freight market, we ask the same question as last year, are freight forwarders still relevant?

Carriers, logistics providers, forwarders and customers, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic; our survey is short and easy and should take just a couple of minutes to take. In exchange we will send you a free copy of the analysis in May.

Click here to take the survey. Thank you!


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