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2015-2017 Archives (Please contact us for access)

SEKO Logistics Announces Major Investment in Amsterdam

Summary: February 15, 2018 – SEKO Logistics announced plans to open its second largest operation in Europe at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Logistics Park. The 80,000 facility will brings its entire service offering under one roof for customers using its cross-border eCommerce, Omni-Channel and international transportation and fulfilment solutions. In addition, the new location will support SEKO’s growth across its core industry verticals; aerospace, automotive, energy, government, industrial, medical, retail, technology, and tradeshows and events.

The facility will be equipped with eight dock doors and two regular doors for collections and deliveries and will have a capacity of 5,500 pallet positions and provide over 6,500 storage locations for individual stock units. Also, a 10,000 sq ft high value storage cage and a segregated area for dangerous good shipments will be available.

LogisticsTI Take: Amsterdam’s Schiphol area is high sought after location for many logistics providers. Well located for fast deliveries across Europe, it is also good for international deliveries. SEKO continues its growth expansion plans to take on its competition.

Agility Becomes First Forwarder to Work with Maersk IBM on Blockchain Solution

Summary: According to the press release, Agility has agreed to identify events associated with individual shipments and to share and receive information about them via the distributed ledger blockchain technology developed by IBM and Maersk. Agility’s goal is to reduce costs and increase shipping efficiency by integrating information about shipments onto a secure platform accessible to shippers, carriers, freight forwarders and others in the supply chain.

According to the CEO of Agility Global Integrated Logistics, “Blockchain technology is going to make shipping cheaper, safer and more reliable. As early adopters, companies like Agility can help Maersk and IBM understand the needs of shippers and develop standards that will make trade more efficient. We can help customers understand how to use blockchain to improve shipment visibility, eliminate paperwork, reduce errors, and shorten transit and clearance times.”

LogisticsTI Take: Blockchain is the latest buzzword in supply chain technology and there are certainly plenty of tests underway to evaluate it. The IBM-Maersk partnership has received alot of attention and while it sounds promising there are many unanswered questions including privacy and ownership. In any case, it will be interesting to watch along with the other tests. Good for Agility for stepping forward to test blockchain. Hats off!