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Going Social For Addresses

Ship2myidOur past article, No Address, No Problem, has become one of our favorites thanks to the great feedback we’ve received. It also appears the article has been become a favorite of others, shared by folks as well as well as by websites such as Eye for Transport.

Soon after the publication of the article, we learned of another option and we set out to find out more about this option. Ship2MyID allows users to use their phone number, email address or social network ids such as Facebook as their address. An intriguing concept particularly as the adoption of smartphones and social networks continues to climb globally.

Imagine from a consumer perspective sending flowers to a person after a first date or from a business perspective, sending free samples to Facebook fans, you have their Facebook ids but not their physical addresses. No problem, simply click on the “Gift Now” button on a participating e-retailer website and enter the id(s). A message will then be sent to the receiver notifying them of the gift. The receiver can chose to accept or not and then provide the location to the e-retailer in which to deliver the item. The location can be a specific address or a location based on GPS coordinates.  Not sure what e-retailers offer this service? You can also visit Ship2MyID’s website to shop.

A Chain Store Age article described Ship2MyID as similar to PayPal for shipping because the receiver controls where to receive, whom to receive from and when to receive.

Currently, the service is being trialed in India with several e-retailers participating but the plan is to expand internationally. Not only does it have a unique B2C offering that benefits consumers, whether it’s a gift or a product sample, but it also allows retailers and other businesses to potentially conduct customer segmentation and direct marketing based on transaction data.

Ship2MyId, What3Words and Fetchr are part of a growing number of technology companies that provide alternative delivery location solutions for consumers around the world that may not have a traditional address or wish to not use their home address for delivery. Solutions such as these will open emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere to e-commerce, thus allowing commerce to grow and expand economies. In addition, solutions such as Ship2MyId could also be a new form of ‘Click & Collect’ in regions in which addresses are prominent.

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