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Amazon Logistics – Primed and Growing

“We’re spreading a lot of the Prime benefits that we see in North America to other countries.” Indeed, this statement seemed to be the theme of Amazon’s first quarter 2017 earnings call. To meet the needs of this expansion of Prime benefits, Amazon’s logistics services are also expanding. During first quarter, Amazon announced the follow […]

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What Economic Slowdown? Reports Net Revenue up 58% for 2015, China’s second largest e-commerce provider reported fourth quarter and annual 2015 earnings this week and the results appear quite promising. Net revenue for fourth quarter increased 57% to RMB54.6 billion (US$8.4 billion) and for the full year 2015, it increased 58% to RMB181.3 billion (US$28.0 billion). Even though net revenue gains were strong, it […]

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We Want the World and We Want it Now…Now

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By Christopher Moore Almost tomorrow: Everything and anything is expected immediately, the future has past us all by and the drones are above us hovering delivering our desires before we are aware of their flutterings deep in our hippocampus. Artificial intelligence has won the battle against roadside fortune tellers to predict the supposed whims of […]

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Same-day delivery? The real race is in both fulfillment and delivery

A sneak peak into Ti’s Americas newsletter tomorrow. To sign up to receive the newsletter, click here.   Several articles are reporting of the potential shut-down of Ebay Now, Ebay’s one-hour courier service. While Ebay denies such a possibility, one wonders how viable a $5.00/one hour service really is. Amazon, Google, Wal-Mart plus a host […]

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