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What do Shippers Want Most from a Cross-Border E-Commerce Solution?

Expectations for cross-border e-commerce are high as research companies such as Forrester predict a compound annual growth rate of 17% between 2017 and 2022 as compared with 12% growth for overall B2C e-commerce. Forrester further predicts that cross-border purchases will comprise 20% of all worldwide e-commerce in 2022, with sales of $627 billion and China […]

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Cross-Border e-Commerce Drives Airfreight Demand

By all accounts it appears a renaissance is underway in the global airfreight market. IATA’s 2017 data through April indicates a simple average freight tonne kilometer (FTK) growth of over 9.0% while available freight tonne kilometer (AFTK) average growth of just shy of 3.0%. With May data due soon, Cargo Facts anticipates double digit growth. […]

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Alibaba and JD – The Next Generation of Global Logistics Leaders?

Growth in China’s small parcel market continued its break-neck speed in 2016 as the country’s State Post Bureau reported a 51.4%, 31.28 billion, increase in deliveries for the year. In terms of revenue, the Chinese government agency noted the sector generated about USD $57.58 billion in revenue, up 43.5% from 2016. The State Post Bureau’s […]

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Technology To Determine the Winner of Cross-Border e-Commerce

Technology is making the world go around faster and more efficiently. Indeed, there are numerous software solutions and platforms to assist exporters and importers manage the complicated world of cross-border trade.   One such platform that has caught the attention of the logistics market is that of Alibaba’s OneTouch when it announced that Maersk, CMA CGM […]

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The Fate of Forwarders as Alibaba and Maersk Team Up

Maersk began using Alibaba’s OneTouch booking website to reserve space on its vessels in late December. Acquired in 2010, OneTouch targets small and medium-sized Chinese exporters with online services such as customs clearance and logistics. It also allows them to book air freight and parcel delivery services and supports Alibaba’s business-to-business marketplace. The Maersk/Alibaba services […]

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China-Japan e-Commerce Cross-Border Options Grows

Asian countries may have found a solution to their economic woes and it is e-commerce. Cross-border e-commerce trade is increasing between China and Japan as Chinese consumers regard Japanese products as safe and high quality. According to the Japanese trade ministry, online trade between the two countries is expected to reach about $22.8 billion in […]

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Amazon Gets Set to Disrupt the Freight Forwarding Market

After building an enviable fulfillment process and network, acquiring trailers to transport goods between fulfillment and sortation centers, dabbling in its own delivery services and dipping its toes in air cargo, Amazon is now eyeing the ocean freight forwarding market. Should other freight forwarders be concerned? Freight forwarders are already facing a difficult market thanks […]

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Cross-border – Opportunity for Logistics Providers and Post Offices?

Judging from the number of services being introduced, cross-border commerce is on the rise. In fact, earlier this year, Accenture and Aliresearch, Alibaba’s research arm, estimated that global B2C cross-border will be valued at $1 trillion by 2020 from $230 billion in 2014. From $230 billion to $1 trillion in just 6 years is a […]

Read More’s Ambitious Plans – Can it Catch Up to Alibaba?

While Alibaba tends to grab much of the headlines, the second largest ecommerce company in China is also creating some waves and it seems that logistics is indeed an important part of the competition between the two. The differences between the two companies can be noted in each one’s approach to logistics. Alibaba has created […]

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