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Cross-Border e-Commerce Drives Airfreight Demand

By all accounts it appears a renaissance is underway in the global airfreight market. IATA’s 2017 data through April indicates a simple average freight tonne kilometer (FTK) growth of over 9.0% while available freight tonne kilometer (AFTK) average growth of just shy of 3.0%. With May data due soon, Cargo Facts anticipates double digit growth. […]

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Is Global Air Freight on the Mend?

Are we finally seeing improving air freight conditions? It’s possible, somewhat, as IATA and World ACD reported strong September year-over-year gains for the market with IATA noting 6.1% increase in freight tonne kilometers (FTK) and World ACD reporting a 1.4% increase month-over-month worldwide yield, expressed in USD for the month. According to IATA, September’s FTK […]

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