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Cross-Border e-Commerce Drives Airfreight Demand

By all accounts it appears a renaissance is underway in the global airfreight market. IATA’s 2017 data through April indicates a simple average freight tonne kilometer (FTK) growth of over 9.0% while available freight tonne kilometer (AFTK) average growth of just shy of 3.0%. With May data due soon, Cargo Facts anticipates double digit growth. […]

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2016 US Freight Year in Review

Mixed news for the 2016 US freight market for most of the year; however, the year looks to end on a positive note for many modes of transport. The economy continued to gain momentum as the contentious US presidential election was finally settled in November. Through November, East Coast ports benefited from the expanded Panama […]

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Is Global Air Freight on the Mend?

Are we finally seeing improving air freight conditions? It’s possible, somewhat, as IATA and World ACD reported strong September year-over-year gains for the market with IATA noting 6.1% increase in freight tonne kilometers (FTK) and World ACD reporting a 1.4% increase month-over-month worldwide yield, expressed in USD for the month. According to IATA, September’s FTK […]

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