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Africa’s e-Commerce Potential is Awesome but……

What started out as a basic blog post ended up a whitepaper instead. Yes, there is that much going on in the Africa’s e-commerce space. The risks are high, the infrastructure remains a challenge and the political environment leaves alot to be desired but all of these obstacles are creating an unique environment for e-commerce companies. Similarities […]

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Has Walmart Finally Figured out China?

Walmart’s recent quarterly earnings put the retail industry on notice. It ain’t all about Amazon. U.S. comparable sales rose 2.7% from a year earlier, its strongest growth in eight years and e-commerce sales were up 50% year-over-year for the quarter. And indeed, it ain’t all about the U.S. either. For the third quarter, 2017, total […]

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Forwarders Face Reduced Capacity, Rate Increases and Digital Threats

Capacity and rates are perhaps the biggest challenges for freight forwarders. Amplified even more in this year’s earnings reports, many forwarders struggled with profitability despite achieving year-over-year revenue increases and volume gains. Market trends such as ocean freight market consolidation, air carriers’ strategic removal of capacity and persistent high airfreight rates were among the contributing […]

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A Logistics View of Amazon’s Q3/9 Month 2017 Earnings

Amazon did not disappoint investors as net sales increased almost 34% for third quarter 2017 to $43.7 billion. Despite operating income declining 39.6%, a positive net income of $256 million was achieved. However, worth noting, third quarter 2017 net income was only 1.6% higher compared to third quarter 2016. Perhaps more concerning is that net […]

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Reorganizing India’s Supply Chain

Emerging markets are back in vogue with investors. After riding high for several years, global economic conditions caught up with many of these countries and as such, growth slowed and for some countries, there was a retrenchment. Now, more countries are opening their doors to global commerce. The opportunities are great. Consider these major findings […]

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Top LogisticsTI Blog Posts for Third Quarter 2017

The months of July, August and September seem like a blur. A number of client engagements took precedent over blog writing and Logistics Trends & Insights celebrated its second birthday in August. It was a great quarter but I looked back and re-read our blog post on the top posts for second quarter and realized […]

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Mexico – The Race for E-commerce Dominance Starts with Logistics

When one reads about Mexico, it’s typically in relationship with the US and NAFTA. Indeed, the country has long been known as an outsourced manufacturing location for primarily the US market and in fact, upwards of 80% of its exports are destined to the US. However, there’s much more to Mexico. A rising middle class […]

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Supermarkets and Crowd-Sourced Delivery

Guest contributor, Ian Kerr of Postal Hub Podcast, shares his latest blog post with us. Be sure to check out all the podcasts and articles on Ian’s website.     In Australia, a major supermarket chain has announced that it will use crowd-sourced delivery platform UberRUSH for same-day grocery deliveries. Partnerships between supermarkets and crowd-sourced […]

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Your Future Identity is Digital

Guest contributor, Ian Kerr of Postal Hub Podcast, shares his latest blog post with us. Be sure to check out all the podcasts and articles on Ian’s website. Postal operators around the world are trying to cash in on their trusted status to build digital identity solutions. Posts are promoting the privacy and convenience advantages […]

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What do Shippers Want Most from a Cross-Border E-Commerce Solution?

Expectations for cross-border e-commerce are high as research companies such as Forrester predict a compound annual growth rate of 17% between 2017 and 2022 as compared with 12% growth for overall B2C e-commerce. Forrester further predicts that cross-border purchases will comprise 20% of all worldwide e-commerce in 2022, with sales of $627 billion and China […]

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